Business, Travel & Event Management
Business, Travel &
Event Management

You want to implement an event or project, but don’t have enough time and the right know-how? Do you need a competent project manager who takes responsibility and gets things done? Or maybe you just want to know smaller projects in good hands?

With my experience and knowledge, I can contribute to every phase, from the conception to the implementation of your successful project.

I like to take care of, but not limited to:

– Appointment scheduling
– Travel Planning
– Project Management
– Event Management
– Invitation/Participant Management

Customer & Community Management
Customer &
Community Management

You want to build a strong community, but don’t have time to take care? You just can’t get ahead answering your customer enquiries?

Among other things, I take care of: 

– Answering emails and customer concerns
– Complaint management
– Building up, maintaining and moderation
– Answering messages and comments
– Posting of comments
– Promotion and execution of your online events

Backoffice, Administration & CRM
Administration & CRM

Your database is deprecated and badly needs an update? You don’t have the time to add new records to your CRM or maintain existing data? 

For your online course you also need a written transcript? Or are you looking for someone to proof read your texts? 

I take over all back office tasks you are lacking the time!

– Translations English-German
– Proofreading
– Transcriptions
– CRM Data Maintenance/Data Processing
– Research


Your required performance is not listed, but you really want to work with me? Send me a message via the contact form and we will figure out if and how I can support you exactly.